Introducing BacklightFly 4.0

“BacklightFly is a Pattern Design & Output Software for Light Guide Plate of Backlight Modules”

A picture tells everything. Below is the result of our same size output/fine grained. See for yourself, your eyes and experiences won't lie!

A pixel level resolution and over 85% coverage rate!

Mura-free for dot size less than 150um. Mura-free for dot size less than 150um.

Mura-free quality(finegrained 2 with active hgih density package)

How to start to design a LGP (Laser Process) click here!

Examples for Light Guide Plate design

One-side LED source
If you have the density table, BacklightFly can translate the table to a smooth density profile.

Sample (Output condition: Laser line width: 500um, Laser line deepth: 100um, Same Pitch Output-Regular: horizotal line, shape size:2000um)


One-side LED source
No density table? BacklightFly also can help you to design a light guide plate! Our new function, User Define, can also help you to start a new LGP.

Sample (Output Condition: Laser line width: 500um, Laser line deepth: 100um, Same Pitch Output-Regular: horizotal line, shape size:2000um)


Two-side LED source
This vedio will guide you to design a two-side LED light guide plate. Utilizing our new fuction - User Define will let the design procedure simple.



Four-side LED source
Using BacklightFly, easy to design a 4-side LED back light module. For Led hot spots, we create the new method, Matrix, to make the design more efficient.

After simulation or Lux data comes out, easy to use BacklightFly to generate next design version.


Direct back-lit source
Polar coordinate function is the good tool to help you design direct back-lit module. Blurring functioncan also let all profile more smooth. The new function of CustomShape2 will let you define the density curve more easily!!


Custom lamp with favorite picture
Do you want to use your favorite picture to design as a lamp. Try BacklightFly!


Laser engraved Light Guide Plate
Do you to use laser machine to produce light guide plate (LGP)? We created the new line output method. it is more friendly for laser application.

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News (more)

Novemer 28, 2013
Update Notice

Novemer 11, 2013
Update Notice - Speed Up Output Time

October 30, 2013
Update Notice - Mask Matrix function

October 15, 2013
Update Notice - New Edit Method for CustomeShape in Masks-Block

October 01, 2013
Update Notice - User Define Curve for density adjustment


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